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BioGuard Soft Swim non-chlorine, non-bromine Pool Care Program   BioGuard Soft Swim non-chlorine, non-bromine Pool Care Program
Non-Chlorine, Non-Bromine Pool Care System

BioGuard®. Guarding more than your pool.

BioGuard® SoftSwim® "C" Shock & Clarifier
BioGuard SoftSwim C Oxidizing Clarifier & Shock for use in SoftSwim & Baquacil treated pools non chlorine, Splashes non chlorine, Poly Clear non chlorine, Par Pool & Spa

SoftSwim® "C",  Oxidizing Clarifier
Concentrate 27.50% Hydrogen Peroxide, formulated with Patented ClearGuard® Stabilizer, enhances water clarity, Liquid, Does not affect  pH. 

ClearGuard® helps increase the amount of time "C" stays in the water.  Built-in clarifiers further polish the water.

Use SoftSwim "C" in place of Baqua Shock® or Revacil® Shock.

Simple monthly application as needed, long lasting, effectively eliminates oxidizable compounds.

For information on treating high consumption of "C", Click here

For use with Pools treated with Biguanide Non-chlorine Care Systems such as Soft Swim
®, Baquacil®, Revacil®, Splashes®, Poly Clear®

Initial: 1 gallon per 10,000 gals. Directly to pool water.  Use entire container at one time. Do not store partial containers.

Regular: as needed (average of every 2 to 4 weeks) to maintain "C" level over 20 ppm. Heavy bather loads, extremely warm weather or heavy rain may require more frequent additions.

Sorry, Soft Swim "C" is for local Fairfield or New Haven Country Connecticut Delivery or Store Pick Up ONLY

1 Gallon bottles, Box of 2 - $36.99

For In-Store pick up only

Box of 4 Bottles - $64.99

AquaFinesse Pool Pucks removes bio-film & pool mold

AquaFinesse Pool Pucks remove & prevent pool mold & bio-film build up. 100% compatible with Soft Swim. Excellent additive. Takes the place of SoftSwim Assist. Click on the Pool Puck bucket for more information.


Baquacil® is a registered trademark of Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Revacil® is a registered trademark of Mareva,Inc.

Splashes® is a trademark of In the Swim, Inc.

Poly Clear® is a trademark of Alden Leeds, Inc.  

Please see precautionary statement below.


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